Mushoku Tensei - Jobless ObligeMushoku Tensei (LN)Mushoku Tensei Redundancy. Mushoku Tensei (WN) Volume 17 · Mushoku Tensei (WN) Volume [LN/WN][PDF][Eng] Mushoku Tensei. Mushoku Tensei -Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu - Jobless Reincarnation Volume Download (v2) Volume. The first 3 volumes are light novel.. Then the rest are web novels. https://www.

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Mushoku Tensei - Arc [WN][EPUB]. Also tomorrow I add vol LN illustrations. Mushoku Tensei - Arc [WN]. Novel Updates · DDL. Redundant Chapter To The Holy Sword Highway . Mushoku Tensei Web Novel is finished with 24 volumes. Dude THAT . Pdf of redundancy volume?. [But Roxy won't do that. [Should I call Sensei Shishou[17]?] In the end. shouldn't go to that village. this chrisfalgocaput.cfu Tensei:Volume 01 Part 9 One random day.] .

Seeing this Eris committed herself to kill Paul Greyrat, however Ruijerd stopped her. Later she found out that her family died. In her depressed state , she told Rudeus her birthday wish is for him to be her family, after that she lost her virginity to him and then she left to train herself in art of sword.

In this Volume her thoughts about Rudeus were revealed as well.

Volume 8 - Youth Period - Special Student Chapter She appeared briefly in the extra chapter, which described her debut in Holy Land of Swords as well as the introduction of her rival, Nina. She was seen as 'dangerous' from the start due to her constant bloodlust release and seemingly savage. She is also the reason for Nina no longer being complacent as she poses as a huge threat against her.

Volume 11 - Youth Period - Younger Sister Chapter Eris appears in the volume's extra chapter, briefly describing her training routines based around the goal of defeating the Dragon God Orsted. She trains everyday swinging and honing her sword and while coming back from training she encounters Auber.

Auber stands in the way of Eris and asks her if she could pass a message to Gul Farion, which she ignores and demands that he stands aside. Feeling that Eris is releasing a lot of killing intent similar to one of a wild beast, Auber unsheathes his sword and the two duels. Eris is barely able to keep up and the battle started to heat up to a death battle until Gal Farion intervened.

Auber is then introduced and starts trains Eris. Eris, Nina, and Isolte starts to train together to overcome their weaknesses and learn about the other sword styles. Rather, you'll have to go to his website to grab the file.

If the translation ever continues and finishes good luck nakulas! Even though, he may just make one.

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I have some old pdfs for "Shakugan no Shana". I also have access to the translations and raws, for illustrations via the Wayback Machine. So I'm definitely going to make those, as Shana was one of the first light novel series I ever read own both Viz Media releases, and the anime Season 1 Blu-Ray and remains one of my favorites.


I'll even make pdfs for novels not completely translated and no, I won't complete the translations. Don't know Japanese to a practical level yet, and have a hard time reading it.

Sadly, the final volume wasn't ever fully translated most of Chapter 2 is missing. Maybe I'll attempt running raws through some sort of machine translator?

Nyaruko-san Hibike!I was 74 years old right now. If New Testament gets licensed, say bye-bye!

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Its not like when I closed my eyes, only good memories came to my mind. Does anyone think the epilogue chapter of the conclusion volume is a hint at a sequel, and if so, will the MC be Shinohara Akito, Nanahoshi's friend.

GuikKka December 18, at I couldn't recall anything other than that.