1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Never go back—but Jack Reacher does, and the past finally catches up with him Never Go Back is a novel of. Never Go Back Jack Reacher 18 Lee Child PDF ePub Mobi - Download Never Go Back Jack Reacher 18 Lee Child (PDF, ePub, Mobi)Books. This books (Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (Jack Reacher Novels) [PDF]) Made by Lee Child New York Times Bestselling Author About Books.

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Download Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (Jack Reacher Novels) Download at: chrisfalgocaput.cf?book= [PDF] Download. Child s bodacious action hero, Jack Reacher, has already tramped through 17 novels and three e-book singles. But his latest, "Never Go Back. NO. 1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER • Never go back—but Jack Reacher does, and the past finally catches up with him Never Go Back is.

Reacher is subsequently informed by a detective that Moorcroft has been severely beaten, and that he is considered a prime suspect. Reacher arranges a meeting with Sullivan to download time until Turner arrives, and then stages an escape, stealing Sullivan's ID and giving it to Turner.

The two find her car and leave, but are intercepted by Metro police and end up ditching their ride and fleeing to Berryville , where Reacher informs Turner that her men in Afghanistan were assassinated, and that the charges against her were invented to cover up some sort of illegal activity. Finding themselves tracked by strange men, they manage to hitch a ride into West Virginia.

Reacher obtains money and a car from a deceased meth dealer named Claughton, but his relatives identify the car, locate Reacher and Turner's motel, and confront them. Reacher manages to intimidate them into backing down, and takes one of their trucks. Turner explains that the mission in Afghanistan was linked to a Pashtun elder, later identified as Emal Zadran, and theorizes that Morgan, the strange men, and some higher-ups in the army's chain of command named in the story as Romeo and Juliet are working together to protect him.

She also insists that Reacher go to Los Angeles to deal with Dayton. They track down Samantha, but Espin later confirms that Candice had falsified the documentation proving her birth so that she could secure child support from him. Sullivan also discovers that the homicide charge was faked as well, clearing Reacher of any potential legal consequences.

Through Edmonds, Reacher and Turner learn that an illicit operation was being run through North Carolina under the control of Crew Scully and Gabriel Montague, both Deputy Chiefs of Staff, involving the smuggling of contraband using empty ordinance crates.

Reacher arranges for Morgan and Staff Sgt.

Ezra Shrago, one of the smugglers, to be arrested, and locates Scully and Montague at Dove Cottage, a private club, where both men choose to commit suicide rather than be arrested. Morgan and Shrago reveal that Zadran had been supplying their bosses with opium , and Turner's name is finally cleared, allowing her to resume command.

Jack Reacher 18 Never Go Back

They part ways, and Reacher throws his phone in the Potomac and sits by the bank, alone. Critical reception[ edit ] Janet Maslin , writing in The New York Times , stated that the book "may be the best desert island reading in the series.

It's exceptionally well plotted. And full of wild surprises.

Reacher and Turner decide to escort Samantha to Turner's old private school for protection, but discover that she has her mobile phone with her and that the enemy probably knows exactly where they are. They discard the phone and make a quick exit, during which Samantha steals a backpack from one of the students to use the credit cards.

Reacher, Turner and Samantha travel to New Orleans in search of Daniel Prudhomme, the only eyewitness to the murders for which Turner has been framed. Upon landing, Reacher admits to Samantha he might be her father.

Reacher and Turner then find Prudhomme in a derelict warehouse filled with drug addicts and learn that Prudhomme is connected to Parasource, a private military organization that is trying to cover up the murders.

Reacher contacts Turner's friend, Captain Anthony Espin, to move Prudhomme into custody, but they are ambushed by assassins and Prudhomme is killed, while Reacher rescues a wounded Espin and finds out that the assassins are Parasource contractors.

Parasource's CEO, General James Harkness, then sends the Hunter to capture Samantha after she uses a credit card from the backpack she stole to order room service. Reacher and Turner, along with Espin, acting on information provided by Prudhomme, intercept a flight of weapons due to enter the country, where they confront Harkness and his men and accuse them of corruption. Upon opening the crates, however, Espin finds AT4 anti-tank weapons as declared in the flight manifest.

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Before Turner can be re-arrested, Reacher opens up one of the anti-tank weapons and discovers that they are filled with pure opium. They learn that Harkness framed Turner, who had been investigating his activities, for the murders of two soldiers who discovered that Harkness was selling weapons to insurgents and smuggling pure opium into the United States.

Espin and his men then arrest Harkness, clearing Reacher's and Turner's names. The Hunter and his men locate and chase Samantha through the streets to lure Reacher into a confrontation. Turner kills one of the assassins, whilst Reacher takes out another one on the rooftop. The Hunter captures Samantha and threatens to kill her, but she manages to escape and steal his gun.

Reacher then tackles the Hunter onto another rooftop, briefly incapacitating both of them, and they have a vicious fight that culminates with Reacher breaking the Hunter's arm, leg and neck, before dropping him off the rooftop.Just a brisk assumption that all reasonable men would do exactly what he told them to, because there would be no real practical alternative. Baltimore sat astride I, and D.

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The office doors to the left and right had the same reeded glass as the first floor doors. It follows the story of her life over three continents - America, Australia and India. First, the person behind the desk was not a major, but a lieutenant colonel.

The same linoleum was on the floor. And positively Bunyanesque in its admiring contributions to Reacher lore. The Complete Library: You can change your ad preferences anytime.