Gu Family Book: Episode by girlfriday. This hour is the bookend to Episodes 1 and 2, and even though it's been a while since Wol-ryung. Gu Family Book: Episode by girlfriday. Kang-chi finally gets ready to go on his quest to become a real boy, and Yeo-wool prepares to say. June 25, at AM .. Hopefully by the ending of Jang Ok Jung and Gu Family Book that insanely good June 24, at PM.

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Gu Family Book EP 21 Eng Sub - Kang Chi tells Wol Ryung that he will prevent him from killing people. Wol Ryung wants to strangle Kang Chi but is stopped by . gu family book eng sub ep 21, gu family book episode 21 vostfr, gu family book eps 19 sub indo, gu family book episode 21 preview, gfb 20 gu family book. Gu Family Book - Episode 23, Play Movie. Gu Family Book - Episode 22, Play Movie. Gu Family Book - Episode 21, Play Movie. Gu Family Book - Episode

He does seem to possess honor and is unwilling to take unnecessary actions other than what he came to do, so it's possible that he may come through as an anti-villain of sorts and end up helping out the heroes despite that not being his real intention.

I just don't see this as very likely, since we've never felt the significance of his character since he showed up. You're right about 5. About 6, however: I somehow don't get the feeling that the shot was meant for Kang-chi.

All Jo Gwan-woong ever did was see him as a major nuisance, and knows that the head honcho Lee Soon-shin is the one he really needs to get rid of.

Like he's always done before, he most likely used Kang-chi as bait to lure out the person he wants to do away with. He's a dirty player through and through, and will always dig for ways to kill others without actually killing them himself. But history laughs at Jo Gwan-woong, because Lee Soon-shin doesn't ever fall to a coward like him. I have the sinking feeling that it may be Yeo-wool who got shot, as per the premonition that the monk told of ages ago: Kang-chi can heal himself like nothing, Lee Soon-shin I can't exactly recall whose comment it was, but someone had brought up a good idea that the Gu Family Book may very well not even be a physical book - and this late in the game, we're definitely not going to be able to witness Kang-chi's Book Adventures.

Rather, the "book" is a mentality, or a state of being. As long as Kang-chi has the faith of those he loves and those who love him, he can tame the beast within him the same way he unconsciously did when he sparred with Daddy Dam.

The whole drama was a series of events leading up to him being able to control himself, and become someone who is irreplaceable and needed. It was to teach us and Kang-chi himself, that there are people like Jo Gwan-woong who are born human but worse than monsters, and there's Kang-chi who was born half-beast but has the heart and mind of a proper human being.

This episode was extremely I noticed you have some interesting questions, so I'll do my best to try and explain if it's okay. But you're right: History laughs at Jo Gwan-woong, because Lee Soon-shin doesn't ever fall to a coward like him.

I have the sinking feeling that it may be Yeo-wool who got shot instead, as per the premonition that the monk told of ages ago: The minion probably meant to aim for the admiral, but missed narrowly since it's the first time he's actually put the rifle to use.

Yeo-wool was standing right in front of the admiral, if you noticed. This episode was extremely anticlimactic, but I'm looking forward to tomorrow's finale. No, I don't think Yeo-wool or Kang-chi will die.

I just think it would be cathartic on levels one can't even fathom, to be able to see Jo Gwan-woong meet his death at long last. I just realized at some point my paragraphs were repeated, and I have no idea how that happened?? Many apologies for the huge block of text! I also forgot to mention: If it turns out that there IS indeed a Gu Family Book, and the last episode ends with Kang-chi finally setting off on his journey to find it or something, I'd be stinking mad. I really hope the producers don't get any bright ideas and try to pull that off Dang-shin does translate into "you" - I think we pretty much laid out the same two methods of using the term, though.

That's why friends won't use it among themselves, unless it's in jest rarely or for the sake of quoting someone else. The Korean language can get pretty complicated at times, because there are multiple ways of saying "you", but for different types of audiences.

Hello Kandiboo, And thank you for responding! I love learning from others. Regarding your 2nd paragraph, I didn't think you digressed.

Kangchi, the Beginning

I thought you gave me an example and showed me one of the ways in which "dang-shin" could be used. Your whole response made sense, thanks again. And thank you so much for your long and detailed response. I so appreciate it. Your apologies are accepted, sometimes computers and technology do not do what we want them to do. I am known for writing long comments, and so I don't mind reading them from others.

Yours was full of information and good information at that , so you won't hear a complaint from me. I am so glad you responded, because I was able to see this ep. I too look forward to today's finale, which will start in about 15 or 20mns in Korea it will have started, by the time I post this response. I am curious about many things, and I mostly want to see how things are resolved, and how many bows will be neatly tied, and how many plot points will be left opened or unresolved.

I am also looking forward to JGW's demise, although I do think that him simply dying would be doing him a favor. He needs to suffer and experience pain both emotional and physical for a very long time, and I don't know if I will get that, so oh well Thank you for explaining "Dang-shin" to me.

I read about it last weekend, and it was part of a very long thread on kinship terminology in Korea and in Kdramas. The blogger wrote an exhaustive and very informative piece, and I skimmed through it, planning on coming back to read it many times over, later and any time I would need to come back to it to understand a kinship term used in a drama, such as how the older brother's wife is called, etc I remembered "Dang-shin" because the heroine in the King of Dramas kept addressing Kim Myung-min's character in that way I can't remember the characters' names right now, sorry and that stayed with me.

I always wondered what that word meant. I was therefore a little surprised when I heard it the word being used here, and I thought I would ask. Since I saw the ep. Regarding my 6 point, thank you also for reminding me that LSS was actually the target and that he has always been, as far as JGW is concerned , and not KC. I kind of knew that, and I temporarily forgot. You explained it really well, and you made a lot of sense. I bought into that argument at the time, but I became puzzled because the show kept bringing up that book mentioning it , so now I am really curious I would also add to your comment by saying that not only is KC needed and irreplaceable, he is also a much better human being than people like JGW and his minions were, and much better KC is than they will ever be.

I also agree with you that this ep. Now we can just put it behind us. I was wondering when this writer would drop the ball, and she certainly did with this ep. Question for you: Would it be because they talked about it during the whole drama and never did anything about it? I will have some questions, and I am thinking that you might be able to help me understand some things, yet again.

I also thought it was interesting that KC said in his head , "I should have told you more, how much I like you" and YW said in her head , "I should have told you more, how much I love you. Maybe for them, they are.

Dear Ivoire, I want to ask you out of curiosity I noticed you did leave lengthy comments afterwards like hrs later , but why? She writes "Thanks" once the recap is out to save her spot so she can come back after viewing the episode, reply to her own comment, and not be or 79, etc, I believe. Someone will have read your comment. I do believe "Thanks! Some comments can be one sentence or longer , and some comments can be short. My first comments on this drama have usually been short, just wanting to quickly thank the recapper for the recap.

I don't reply to my comment later on, I just add more under my screen name.

To do that, I have to use the reply option. I would also say that I have not been the only one to do that, on this site. I have been engrossed in this drama, as my lengthy comments have shown. I have yet to hear from the moderators and administrators of this site that they have an issue with the length of my comments, whether they be in a recap, movie section or on OT Open Thread.

I have learned a lot seriously , in the process about Korean culture and to an extent about the Asian culture as well, the language, etc I have seen conversations go on and go on on this site, again whether it is in a recap or on OT or in some of the other sections.

People sometimes go back and forth, until there is nothing more to be said about a topic or one of them bows out of the conversation. In that same respect, if I have more thoughts to add to my previous thoughts, I simply add them under my screen name. I very often come back and read my and others' comments, and I am reminded of what I have learned, and of why I appreciate Kdramas. Interestingly also, I have been accused of asking "dumb" questions at times, just to get people's sympathy, and for praising too much the people who take their time to respond to my comment.

That comment got a good laugh out of me, and I regretted being so busy at the time that I couldn't answer. I feel that it would be a lot of plotting on my part to act in such a manner to try and get the sympathy of beanies, many of whom or better yet most of whom I will never meet. All I do, if one reads my comments carefully is greet the person with a "hello" or a "hi" , and thank the person for their question or their response.

I feel that they don't have to read my comments which can be lengthy, but not always , and they don't have to respond. What is so bad about being thankful and expressing it?

If I were to ever meet them, I would act the same express my gratitude and greet them first. As far as I am concerned, there are no such things as dumb questions. If I don't know something or I have some doubts, I would rather ask than assume.

Isn't it part of why we come to sites such as this one? I know that is part of why I do, and I have gotten some really good answers in the process, and others beanies I found out have learned from my questions as well, so it was not all a waste.

I have learned so much from participating and reading this site, and that always leaves me thankful. When I respond to other beanies' questions or give them helpful links and they express their gratitude, I totally understand how they feel, I have been there many times, and I am still there.

I agree with you that there's nothing wrong with asking questions, however dumb they may be. There's nothing wrong with expressing gratitude either. But with all due respect, replying to your own comment is simply cutting the queue, as many others have pointed out with gd analogies in the previous pages which I'm pretty sure you are aware of.

You and I and many on here know that that's what have been annoying others the most, not your so-called dumb questions haven't come across any, and I don't believe there are any , or your long comments. It's the basic etiquette of a discussion.

Your argument that others have been doing the same - very few, I would say doesn't make it any less rude. It's showing some courtesy by posting in the order that you line up in. Frankly, I would be embarrassed to do what you Ivoire have been doing each and every time. I would feel bad for cutting others in line. Empty and out of subject episode. Clearly a filler, watched in 15 mins.

This is not what I wish but I bet on a lukewarm Final: Simple wedding to mirror the one of the parents? Great big frothy whipped up frappe of stupid. Noble idiocy, recycled plot, recycled locations, more recycled plot, more illogical, out-of-character actions simply to set up some tug-at-the-heartstrings gesture on Kang Chi's part.

I can't believe the ham-handed writing, so many good set-ups ignored, left to die on the vine, or finished in some totally lame way - Chung Jo sees the error of her ways and tearfully begs them to save Yeo Wool. All those trials and tribulations, the epic set-up, and all she gets to do is beg for the life of Mary Sue?

I can't believe that this is the same writer who wrote Dal Ja's Spring, which had such quirky yet believable characters who behaved, if not logically, then at least true to themselves. I was soooo looking forward to the final week and I just really hope that the last episode does a better job than this one And if you people dare to kill him off I break up with the drama: P Gon just can't die! As for who got shot It's either her or it was Lee Soon Shin.

But Kang Chi will end up saving him anyway, so all is well. If YW is the one who had been shot.. Its impossibe for KC to cure her with his blood since as it is clearly stated by rules by the Monk in epi 22 i think..

From the looks on their faces and the position they are standing, I'd say it's YW who's shot. If it was LSS, the other 2 guys wouldn't be looking like that. KC can simple save LSS w his blood. But it's YW, so her 3 admirers are going nuts. Plus there is the voice over of their saying: Why didn't I tell you more often how much I like you. Why didn't I hug you more often. That should take place after she is shot, right? But haven't they been doing that speak to each other, but in their own heads a few times or at least a couple of times in the drama before?

When in ep. Based on KC and WR's reactions, it seemed that they heard them. Yeah, kind of a pointless episode. Enjoyed it, but probably not the best way they could spend their time. There is so much left to do and now only one episode to actually do it. Now I seriously worry the actual journey part of the story won't happen until the end and we'll never actually see it. Kangchi got over his issues without her being kidnapped so most of the episode wasn't even necessary.

And seriously how does GW get away with all this? He kidnapped someone and is blatant about it and there are no consequences. I don't think daddy can push the engagement after he basically gave up on her and I don't think TS will do anything and what about his final test!?

Though since KC and YW have been making out and being lovey dovey while she was engaged I never took it that seriously since they didn't either. Though now I feel I less hate I guess? It wasn't personal since ya know, he just gave up his own flesh and blood for no reason too. I'm still anxious for the end because I'm really invested in Kangchi actually having a day without a traumatic experience for once, but I've mostly given up on the side characters getting any conclusion to their ongoing storylines.

I am beginning to wonder if there isn't a theme here - I'm reaching, because this show is fairly shallow and cartoonish - about the relative worth of women in Joseon society. We've seen that at some point, every women character in this show is disposable; not worth saving except by some hotheaded kid who doesn't know any better.

Both Yeo Wool and Chung Jo were first slated for marriages to advance the fathers' alliances. In Chung Jo's case, Tae Seo was taken under the wing of Master Dam and the school, while the mother was left a slave and Chung Jo sent to be a gisaeng. In Yeo Wool's case, the marriage didn't seem to be panning out so the father abandoned her when it became necessary, in his eyes, to do so.

The other two female characters were both subjugated by men and only got their way by stealth, threatening suicide, or waiting until the men died to finally get their way. A surprisingly realistic depiction of the lot of women in those times. It's sad, I just finished watching it I felt it was SLOW..

And I almost never felt that with the pace of the show We're never getting to see the Book are we? I forgot: I agree with the whole thing that should not be done in the 2nd to last episode Kidnapping for no reason? Wasting 45 min of the last two hours of the drama in a STUPID story line that in the end I think will not contribute a whole lot to the story At this point I'm not expecting much, just like 3rd Gen Noodle House, I expected an ending that was half satisfying and that's what I got.

The kidnap only allows KC to go into that speil abt how he doesn't need to be human if he can't even save YW, but we already knew that. And it allows CJ to hear his speech and regret not having appreciated KC's love for what it was when she had it. But we already knew that she wasted what could have been a love of a lifetime.

So this ep is nothing but a filler. As a matter of fact, everything that has happened after KC's parents' death feels like a filler. After 23 eps, poor Gon's hair is still a mess. What an injustice to a perfectly good-looking actor. Fire that stylist! Yeah what about the Book, anyhoot? I hope I hope it isn't going to be some sappy saying like "you don't have to look any farther than your own backyard to realize that there's no place like home.

Would be a little awkward for a drama to be called "Gu's Family Book" and took two generations of gumihos to try and find it, only to never appear throughout the whole show?

Anyhow, I have an inkling that we'll most probably never see the book, or perhaps just a quick glimpse towards the ending. I actually fast forwarded most of the last episodes; the progress was too slow and pointless at some points. This would have been much better as a 16 or 20 episode drama.

I'm thinking the Book is a McGuffin. I think it depends on whether you are enjoying the show or not. I tried to marathon the drama over the weekend I wanted to try what I have read others do: Part of it was due to problems I kept having with Viki, where I have been watching the show and that was not helping.

Yeah, if you are on ep. And if you are anything like me I watch every scene and replay some of them , you are in for a long haul. I'm so glad you chose to continue on recapping this series. Kudos for your patience. You actually gave the drama more dept and intensity it never had but should have had. I am happy this hot mess is ending, even pretty people like Suzy or LSG isn't enough to save it from sinking. As far as Monday-Tuesday goes..

Hopefully by the ending of Jang Ok Jung and Gu Family Book that insanely good but extremely underrated drama will have a boost in rating. I hope for the same with Heartless City. The drama isn't underrated But then again, with cable, it's hard to tell exactly how many audiences there are since so many people would rather just watch the show online instead of paying for cable. Not so much underrated but moreso a lack of viewers. In speaking of ratings, I am talking about viewership ratings not critical reviews.

Granted that is a cable drama which generally has less viewers but compare to others I think it deserved more. I just hope and pray it doesn't end up with a bust.. Many dramas started with a bang and went down hill from midway through. This mess has dragged on way too long and I'm happy to see it ending, tho after this episode I don't really want to watch. I don't know what happened to this show, but it's been downhill since episode 2. Sadly the answer to this question has been there all drama long.

It's the writing. It has always limited this drama from its full potential. The set up is great. The actors have been doing well, in some cases much better than expected, with the material.

The issue is that you can only act what's written and this writing has been predictable and sometimes lazy for pretty much the whole drama. We've recycled plots multiple times. We've had characters making decisions that make no logical sense just to move the plot point forward. I've enjoyed this drama and even been touched by some it mostly the initial love story of mom and dad. But it's not going to be a favorite. And that is all due to poor writing because the rest really was there. Hopefully the finale will give some sense of satisfaction.

This episode was a waste. As much as i love GFB,i agree with you that they should've not done that in ep. I don't get it?

They start off as amazing, strong, and incredible likable to only become a wallflower. If Gon had died, I would have quit the show. Well, that's not entirely true - I've pretty much quit the show already but I would have stopped reading these recaps too! I don't know why, but Gon is my favorite of all of them except daddy!

He's dumb about YW but the rest of the time I can appreciate him. Also, I am betting LSS got shot. He's the man the villain ultimately wants to take down. Why shoot low when you can aim high? I didn't even like the cliffhanger.

Maybe if I had cared about what happened to the characters through out the episode I would've. I felt the same about the cliffhanger, it's just like really?

We know neither of them are going to die, so what's the point? Ooooh, make sure you watch tomorrow so you'll find out who gets shot and saved this time. It's the same plot over and over: Someone gets attacked in an obvious way, they almost die, Kang-Chi to the rescue, Kang-Chi learns lesson about being a human.

There isn't even an overarching story between these mini rescues; just more of the same. The finale is going to be so contrived and tied together in a little bow. Shit it's Gon It's totally Gon.

He probably jumped in front of somebody like a boss I'm pretty sure if Gon jumps in front to take the bullet he's not going to get a second save by the writers. So let's hope not! You know, his comment to her about loving only "one woman" would mean more if Chung Joo weren't living testament that he has not, in fact, loved only one woman.

What happened between KC and CJ and why the first protected the latter was just an act of duty as a filial adopted "son" of the head of the Inn, notning more, nothing less.

I agree w Babs and lenny. The seed for love was there. If she had wanted to run away w him, he probably would have.

And if CJ had reacted not so negatively to KC's transformation, their relationship could have grown into sth more meaningful and mature. Love has to be nurtured. It was CJ who threw it away before it had a chance to blossom. She never gave KC a chance. She was going to marry the 1st guy her father arranged for her. I don't know why I'm still watching, but frankly, this is one case where the casting would have been better if the actresses switched roles though of course idol casting means that would not happen.

gu family book eng sub ep 21

I agree, pogo. I think the acting made it appear that there was more going on between Kang Chi and Chung Jo than the writer intended. And really, There is so little sexual chemistry between Suzy and LSG that downloading their relationship as the be-all and the end-all is a bit of a stretch LSG and Suzy just do not cut it together, and the writing def doesn't make that better.

I also agree. The casting for this was off. Suzy is not a strong actress, especially next to LSG. Lately I can't seem to help but fast forward through this show. I sort of don't care what happens with the main pairing at this point I've tried but just can't seem to feel the chemistry between them.

Love Suzy, but not feeling the way her character is played. I think the love story of WR and SH overshadowed everything else for me, sadly.

Although I enjoyed watching the episode, I too had issues with the whole "kidnapping" scene. It wasn't necessary at all to the plot. The only thing it set up was all of these characters in this place, but that could have been done in a different and more inventive way.

Also, I thought the show was going to pull an episode 19 of City Hunter on us and I wasn't ready to go through that again with Gon, who has somehow managed to worm his way into my heart recently. I would have been disappointed to see that happen, so I'm glad that KC was able to save him. What I did like most about the episode was its cliffhanger ending. I can't wait for the ending tomorrow! Thanks for the recap! Many times over the course of this run I have quit watching in favor of reading the recap thanks for taking the punishment for the rest of us.

This would have been a really great drama if they stuck with the parents epic love story and not tried to shoe horn this into actual history vis a vis Lee Soon Shin.

I watched it 10 minutes in and had to tamp down my annoyance a lot. Why Kang-chi is a noble idiot, why Yeo-wool got kidnapped again! Grrr , why she became a damsel in distress incapable of sensing danger, why they are always in a rescue mission at Year Inn, why they wasted Chung-jo and Tae-seo's characters, just WHY.

I kinda have the feeling the writer found a way to make the story revolve around Yeo-wool and Kang-chi's reaction to whatever happens to her lately. I root for their happily ever after, but let's face it: Kang-chi has been stuck for 13 episodes trying or not to find a way to control himself in order to become human, largely in part because of Yeo-wool.

I get it, she is his human bracelet and all, but the writer has been spending a lot of time for Kang-chi and Yeo-wool be cute together and in the end, I forgot whatever progress they might have made along the way because the focus was on the cute.

Yeo-wool is just there to be kidnapped and to be an object of 3 men's desire, nothing else. She was an interesting character, but ultimately she feels flat for me. The writing is the biggest flaw in this drama tbh. It's just sad.

Film Terkait Berdasarkan Aktor/Artis

Even the human bracelet point is moot because he can control his transformations without her. She really has no substantial purpose anymore. Tae-seo, Chung-jo, Soo-ryun , storylines that got dropped engagement, anyone? Jo Gwan-woong There was a best moment, when the young heroes-all surrounded the Admiral who is my absolute fav character to protect him.

I really want to be able to do high kicks and saving others with my blood while blue moonbeams circle would be cool too. Thanks for the recap. I have to agree that YW getting kidnapped was pointless.

I was actually laughing a bit at the whole spiked iron ball and screaming. They could've gotten to the who got shot without reusing the kidnap hijinks. It was a pretty intense episode, but filler.

I really wished they could've spent this time developing characters like CJ and Gon. Earlier on, she spent so much time on CJ, in which many began shipping CJ with KC but now, what the heck is she doing. What was the point of even setting her up to be a potential person that will lead to GW's downfall?

What about TS's test? GW really should've been killed or arrested already and someone please crack his nuts and the nuts he's having so much fun playing with. What I wanted was a satisfying ending for all our characters but seems like we're not getting that unless the writer rushes tomorrow's episode crazily.

Now let's hope at least our leads gets a satisfying ending they long deserved. That plot point only encapsulates, what, 3 maybe 4 episodes?

drama korea gu family book episode 9

Someone mentioned that the official title was Kang Chi's Beginning, which I don't believe. Either way that book angle was long gone sadly, and in reality it would have made a good show.. That would have made more sense, and I agree with you. It's much more interesting if there is a path the hero must complete to accomplish his goal that is more that annoying the bad guy, who is annoying in his lack of creative ways to thwart the hero.

So many missed opportunities here. Why not? They change drama titles all the time. Some dramas go thru several title changes. For this one, they changed it Just before airing, so the title used in promotion sticks in ppl's minds. The station officially changed it to: Kang Chi, the beginning. No Kang CHi, th Beg.. I stick with Gu Fam Book Because even DB hasn changed the name and they tend to move with the show names and do pretty accurate translations of show titles.

PPl got confused and asked what was happening. Admin there said MBC emailed them asking them to change the title thus. This whole show is a case of WTF, so that little fiasco is right in line w everything else. Based on people's reactions, there is not yet a gu family book to be seen. Yet, show decides its name shall be precisely that? How ironic. Such a shame that the most promising plot thread kang-chi's quest to become human seems to have not been developed at all.

I have to say this but i think Lee Seung Gi has broken a record in the crying department in this drama. Pretty sad that the hunt for the book will be in the final episode. At this point, I'm just expecting him to find the book at the Inn.

Especially, above there's a mention that this one was 'Kang Chi's Beginning'.

Imagine that the plot goes by YW got shot, could not be resurrected, KC gets so broken hearted, he starts going around the world looking for the book and becomes one of the Gods Pardon my languages, madames and madamoiselle Aww, you sweet boy. I hope you live a long, happy life with a wife who adores you--and thanks to KC, he'll have that chance.

Chung Jo was totally wasted as a character. They could have done so much more with her, shown her picking herself back up and becoming more than she used to be. What we got was half-baked and meh. I agree with your conclusions about this episode. It was basically a waste of an hour when they can't afford to waste an hour, but it did end with a good cliffhanger.

Seriously, it irritates the hell out of me no one is acting like YW and TS are engaged. Where are the reactions when KC makes his feelings for YW clear in front of others? Why hasn't YW been kvetching about it or bringing it up to KC? Why didn't he use it as a reason to break things off with YW?

Chung Jo was just one of a myriad of wasted opportunities, and it's sad since the actress playing her had some depth. More and more all I'm seeing is lots of set up and no delivery. TS was denying all marriage proposals earlier on so I think PJ just made up the betrothal. Now that he sees he can't break them up, he kind of just tosses it aside. I wish the writer could've went further with obstacles to break them up, especially since one of them is human and the other half beast, but nope.

Doesn't stop the fact that it's still lazy writing. I also mourn how much Chungjo's character was wasted since she could have been such a good foil to Yeowol's character; a jaded noblewoman living as a giseng vs. It would have polished the theme of fighting social expectations, etc, etc.

Lee Yoobi ran away with the character too. I suspect that was a part of why she was so wasted in the second half of the show, the second lead can't be allowed to outshine the lead and she did, easily. Which shocked me, after I was so irritated by her in Nice Guy. You can try and manipulate a cast to meet the expectations of your backers, the money men, and the demographics people, but ultimately talent rises to the surface. My favorite characters in this show were Gon, Chung Jo, Sooryung, and Lee Soon Shin, the parts that were acted with depth and sensitivity by actors trying to get the most out of what they were given.

Sung Joon, especially, made some excellent lemonade out of the lemon of a role he was given. But why do I get the feeling she got in the way of the bullet or will risk her life to save another and end up dying? The only scene that mattered to me in this episode was Gon's almost death experience. And all I kept thinking about while I was watching the ninjas stab him was "If this is the second Lee Seung Gi drama that kills of my bromance buddy for no reason right before the end, I might have to consider divorcing LSG dramas all together!

Pretty much. That said, I enjoy Gon very much, especially in scenes with Kang-chi, but I just don't see why he's even necessary to begin with, unless it's to provide one more guy to be in love with Mary-sue - oops, I meant Yeo-wool. I hope he gets a role in the near future that makes him shine, and utilizes all his talents.

That being said, I still like looking at him, and do not his character to die even if he is pointless. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from Shi-kyung dying in K2H, and for a second I was afraid we were heading in the same direction again.

I am still hoping for the best for tonights ending, but after last night my expectaions have droped significantly. Sort of makes you wish that KC is the one that is shot, since he will probably survive unless the bullet has some mystical properties or something like that.

Y'know I've watched this drama faithfully up until this point but last week's break up scene had me feeling meh mostly because I didn't actually believe we'd have an actual break up. Then I sort of forgot this drama ends this week. In any case I started to watch this- got up to the fakeout and just sort of lost interest.

I've loved this show up until now even when I KNOW it has it's fair share of flaws but I agree, the tension just felt sapped. I was momentarily tense for Gon but 1. I was more like "KC get yo butt up here and do your healing thing so Gonnie can have his turn! We never got a Gu Book adventure- I'm guessing it's a Gu Phamplet if it's got so little relevance they're going to wait til the last episode to maybe mention it?

I'm disappointed we wasted time with stupid riddles about finding yourself that would have held way more weight if you'd focused on all 3 or 4 in the first part of your drama so you could divide the rest of the episodes into more plot relevant threads. Just looking back there was a LOT of meandering and slowness while light and fluffy fun took time away you could have dedicated to fleshing out the story and characters more.

The really interesting characters just got pushed back for this tangent with General Soon Shin and the Japanese and the Evil one-note villain.

I had to pause the video and laughed for a whole minute before continuing. Are they going for most creative villain death trap? So silly.

It looked like a low budget B movie Gladiator spiked cheese ball prop they dug up in some abandoned movie set basement. The whole book thing is driving me nuts. I would think that the book would be even harder than finding it YW is supposed to die, I bet she was shot but something amazing saves her. What, I don't know.

Honestly it is set up in a way there could be a second series, but I don't see that happening. This series to find the book, the next to do whatever is in the book.

It's kind of sad that the most compelling storyline was that of Wol-ryung and Seo-hwa. I first started watching because of the rave reviews about Choi Jin-hyuk and his portrayal of Wol-ryung. He was beyond great. The episodes were good too, but it wasn't until Wol-ryung returned in episode 13 that things really started cooking again for me.

He was the best villain I have ever seen in a kdrama. You love him, fear him, love him again, pity him and then miss him. Any scene with him was a winner for me, even if all he did was smile an evil smile or stare intensely.

Choi Jin-hyuk's portrayal of Wol-ryung was dead on; he could interact with anyone and make the scene pop. Now that he is gone, a lot of the magic is gone as well. Let's just hope the finale has some umph to it.

As girlfriday said, they could have done so much with this episode but didn't. He is successful in taking away Tae Soo and hides him at a… read more 8. At the same time, Chung Jo arrives at the ginseng house which hadn't changed at all. She faces the same… read more 8. Meanwhile, Tae Seo was being hypnotized to believe Kang Chi murdered his father. Kang Chi decides to free Chung Jo from the ginseng… read more 9.

They go on an expedition to the Hundred Year Inn, to try and get the money back. And finally, Kang Chi realizes… read more 9. They have to get the treasure out while Tae Seo and Gon are fighting the soldiers outside. Will… read more 8. Kang Chi then… read more 9. Because of his night-disappearances, others in the academy become… read more 9. Worried… read more 9. Tae Seo successfully convinces Jo Gwan Woong that he has betrayed… read more 9.

Kang Chi rushes to find her, but she is rescued by Wol Ryung. They meet in the forest.Your email address will not be published. I know In this ep. And it did draw blood. I can't totally understand Kangchi's fears right now, even if I'd rather he didn't have them.