Recently while working in my lab I wanted to force the address book to update with the Lync client. This is a fairly straight forward process. You can follow the steps below to download the address book: 1. Exit the Lync client. (Check in Task Manager and end 2. Like Lync , Lync has a random back-off period before downloading the locally cached address book file. This is to avoid a storm of.

Lync 2013 Client Force Address Book

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Here's how you force the address book to refresh on a Lync Client. which the Address Book server gets it's information from Active Directory. Skype for Business client – force address book download and it's quite similar to the workaround from the Lync and clients; all you. A: Lync clients will randomly download the address book update; however, you can force the update by using the following process: 1. Set the Lync client initial.

See if your Response Group number is placed here. If you leave the Display Number field empty, it will use the lineuri telephone number field to be placed as phone number in the address book.

This also applies to extensions not being correctly translated to the Response Group name. If it keeps displaying the message try the following: Exit the Lync client Delete the local address book files see step 3 Restart the Lync client Or a script to automatically delete the files The Expta Blog.

Try using the WebSearchOnly value in the Lync client policy. First make sure these numbers of the user are in E. Something else…?

There are a lot more questions, tools and issues regarding the address book. Feel free to contact me or drop a comment.

And even more information about the Address Book:. Crossing versions is not supported and will not work ex: Lync and Outlook The rest of this article explains why.

Therefore, when Lync Online is formatting its EWS query, it appears to exclude external contacts and only include licensed Lync Online users.

The only Lync client that can search and find external contacts is the Lync client for Windows when installed on a computer with Outlook configured for cached mode, with a local copy of the Offline Address Book. Note: When troubleshooting, remember that the OAB does not download immediately after a fresh Outlook profile is created, so it can take some time before external contacts will appear see below for more information on how to check for this.

This is the opposite behavior of the Lync on-premises Server. Instead, Lync Online clients that want to lookup a contact will perform a web services query in two parts.

The first query depends on whether an EWS connection is available and established note: this requires the Exchange autodiscover record to be correctly configured to point to Exchange Online.

Then, Lync Online is also configured to query the local Outlook via a MAPI connection to the local Outlook profile installed on the same local workstation that Lync is installed on, and it passes the query to Exchange on behalf of Lync.

Again, cached mode is required. Lync Online can only query external contacts in the GAL when the local Outlook client is configured for cached mode.

Additionally, the SIP address of the user performing the search should match their email address otherwise the EWS and MAPI connection will fail and the user may receive authentication prompts.

Also keep in mind that any updates to external contacts in the GAL will not be visible in Lync until the next time the Offline Address Book OAB is downloaded by the Outlook client approximately once per day. So yes, all of the stars must align in order for the Lync client to search for external contacts.

But it does work! OAB files: And here is a screen shot of me searching for the external contact by first name and it returning Jed Hill.Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I will include the link of the source.

Make sure you run this as administrator. Yet the standard Communicator client could only leverage the ABS download method and would not use the web query method for basic searching.

John says: Post Comments Atom. Crossing versions is not supported and will not work ex: Lync and Outlook I am adding a Picture to the top so it looks more fun.