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8 April to 14 April The Current Affairs Quizzes section of Jagranjosh aims to help every competitive exam aspirant to revise at ease. The week's updated. chrisfalgocaput.cf has brought out the latest issue of Current Affairs eBook titled Current Affairs April eBook. Examination experts at chrisfalgocaput.cf have designed the Current Affairs August eBook in accordance to the requirements of the competitive examinations.

This research has opened up new aspirations for the paralysis cure in humans as well. In the previous observations it was found that Makemake was www. The research was conducted on the pets which had suffered from spinal injuries that prevented them in using the back legs. Researchers had conducted a fullfledged study for various spam filters while preparing the efficient and new one.

Planet makemake revolves around sun in its distant route which lies away from Pluto. Kazakhstan after living months in the orbit. She touched the grasslands of Arkalyk. Imitating the same sense. The Supreme Court of India in November expressed its concerns on the growing smog cover over the National Capital.

Which of the following statements is true in this context? The drug had shown positive results in UK. Current Affairs PDF November Page 80 quite like the fellow dwarf planets which compelled some astronomers to believe that it had atmosphere.

RNPs contained the genetic material of virus and the special enzyme that is required by the virus to replicate itself. Statements a and c are correct All the above statements are correct Statements a and d are correct www. The study done by the scientists explained the flu virus replication machinery.

The patients had shown significant life extension. The drug is said to trick the tumours for becoming inactive by swapping the molecular switches in cancer structure so that there is no multiplication of the cancerous cells. The new drug compels the cancerous cells to sleep which in turn stops them in multiplying. Scientists used advance molecular biology and electron-microscopy techniques to see one of influenza's essential protein complexes in detail. The research paper published by the scientists presents a positive report about the change in the number of vultures.

Australia on 16 November created the world's largest network of marine reserves. The study reveals that there has been a marginal rise in the population of Vultures between and The world's rarest whale species was spotted for the first time by scientists of New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean. What is the name of this rarest whale species? None of the above statements is correct Page 81 Answer. When was the term Photochemical Smog first used and described? Who published the research paper?

Nijjar and J. The manmade biodiversity parks would help in regenerating the natural wilderness.

This is the first time that the species was ever seen as a complete specimen. The Apex Court made a decision to take a call on examining the problems and then further suggest and identify the remedial measures.

New Zealand. The population of vulture during early nineties saw a dramatic fall and by The discovered species was found on 31 December in a form of a female whale 5. The Spade-toothed beaked whales were first discovered in when bone fragments of rarest whale species were found on a remote Pacific island.

Till date the rarest species had remained entirely hidden from human view. Out of this hectares would be the a park that will span over the Yamuna Flood Plains and the second one that is proposed to be developed across the Tilpat Valley. The announcement came after years of planning and consultation.

The category of arthropods includes crustaceans.

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They usually live between the tree roots or crevices. It was found that the land crabs having the leg span of around 3. The latest census by the State Board for Wildlife shows that the population of elephants in the state has increased to 59 from 38 in supporting the fact that just about 40 years ago the animals were often seen even on the streets of the capital town of Agartala. These crabs basically belong to the category of arthropods. Crabs also have a capability to travel over two miles for searching for the water.

The Marine reserve created is going to expand the protection of creatures such as the blue whale. The plan extension cover six marine regions and it was first made public in June As per State Forest Minister Jitendra Chowdhury two reserves is going to be a part of elephant conservation projects and land for one at Gandhari in Amarpur sub-division of Gomati district.

The concerned river system affects the livelihood of millions of people. This river network is sprawling across five Australian states and covering the area of one million square kilometers. Greenland is one place where ice melting is taking place rapidly and this in turn is contributing to the rising sea levels. Two million tonnes of salt will also be flushed out each year under the plan.

As per the plan. It suffers from increased salt concentrations as well as depletion in its amount of water because of draught.

Anil Dev Singh The 23rd official James Bond movie which became the highest-grossing installment in the year-old franchise. Balasaheb Keshav Thackeray The California-based. Indian-American who became the only 3rd of the community to win Congressional Election.

Kailashpati Mishra Indian American astronaut who along with a fellow astronaut moved out of the International Space Station on 1 November Asia's New Battleground". Gulzar India's leading strategic thinker and analyst. Pawan Varma is also an author of several wellacclaimed books. He asserted that he wants to contribute to clean politics and good governance in the country.

Pawan Varma. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh congratulated the poet for the award and asserted the fact that Gulzar Sahab is real talent and a great personality who is spreading the message of peace and brotherhood in the country. The magazine stated that Anand has done it on his own.

She was conferred with the award for the contributions made by her to Indian and World Cinema and the developments in Indo-French cooperation in art. Marking the event. She was awarded on behalf of the French Authorities. The award was given on the eve of 28th death anniversary of the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who was assassinated on 31 October It is itself an uncommon occasion where the people magazine which usually profiles celebrities from films and other fields onto their magazine had chosen a person who is a teacher by profession.

The invitation came up during Dr. Samuel Samuel started his journey as a professional cartoonist before Independence from Lahore with a Military Gazette. Kailashpati Mishra. The nation also offered him the lab of his choice to work on with the students. About T. The award was felicitated on 31 October T Samuel died on 2 October at the age of APJ Abdul Kalam.

As a staff cartoonist. Kailashpati Misra. Flight Engineer switched their space suits to batter power showing the start of the planned 6. After serving Times of India for a certain period of time. Mathura Refinery was awarded in regard to the company's outstanding achievements and contribution to apt implementation of environmental friendly technologies and methodologies.

The NASA statement mentioned that while the astronauts took their walk they ventured out to the port side of the station's truss to configure the 2B solar array power channel's photovoltaic thermal control system PVTCS to support ground-based troubleshooting of an ammonia leak.

Samuel is now survived by his wife. Greentech Awards is a key component that values the need of environmental management in business sustainability. The nonproductive mass turns up to be productive and increase in jobs helps in making of flourished societies proving better alternatives of conflict by fostering diversities. Irom Sharmila started her fast till death on 5 November With the presentation of the awards.

She later became an ambassador for China-India relations after her marriage to an Indian colonel. She emerged as among the most powerful voices that served as a bridge between China and the West in the 20th century.

Kailashpati Misra who was born at Dudharchak village in Buxar district in served as governor of Gujarat from 7 May to 7 July and for a brief period of Rajasthan too during the same duration. President Pranab Mukherjee called for concerted efforts by the government. Han Suyin. Jobs released by the World Bank stressed upon the role of strong private sector in creation of jobs.

The report in its finding also indicated that when people work. Vincent Ratnaswamy. The released figures indicated Uttar Pradesh at the top position in the list with a total of such prisoners followed by Karnataka at second www.

Khaitan Group is one of the leading fan manufacturers in the country with interests in home appliances and lightings business. The released data also threw a light on the fact that in no executions were carried on in the country. Srinivasa Ramanujan. Khaitan who had incorporated the Khaitan group of companies in It was S. The data released states that in the year The day 10 November marks the day anniversary of the Taliban attack on the year-old Malala Yousafzai.

Khaitan was also a philanthropist and was also involved in several philanthropic activities in the fields of education and healthcare. Now the proof was found for a connection that he seemed to mysteriously comprehend between two types of mathematical functions.

He was a native of Jhunjhunu village in Rajasthan and was born on 15 December Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister.

It honours those personalities who had significantly contributed to the scientific. He also asserted the fact that the directorgeneral is also the editor-in-chief and ultimately responsible for all content. Shanti Gandhi is son of late Saraswati Gandhi. The report in its finding based on the interviews conducted with senior citizens reached to a conclusion that.

She won the award in the Arts and Philosophy category for her www. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. George Entwistle in a statement asserted that he had decided that the honourable thing to do is to step down as director general after just eight weeks in the job.

Kyoto Prize was instituted by the Inamori Foundation. The annual fair that would conclude after 14 days on 27 November was inaugurated by the President of India Pranab Mukherjee. The 59 years old. On his visit to India he was accompanied by a high-level delegation to India. In the state category. Mikhail V Myasnikovich. The Afghani President held delegate level bilateral discussions on various regional and international issues that are relevant for both the nations with the Prime Minister of India.

The word was compounded using the Latin prefix omni. The word exactly is defined as the situation that has been mismanaged comprehensively and is characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations.

Xi Jinping is the son of the former politburo and vice premier. Belarus has been selected as the partner country to the event. On 12 November She is survived by her husband Sadagopan who is also a screenplay writer known by the name of Chitralaya Gopu and four sons. The diamond has been described as the cushion shaped.

The downloader nevertheless is anonymous. Pant held different key positions of Government of India like Finance Ministry. About K. The international award not only felicitated the person himself. Defence Ministry. The 81 years old is now survived by his wife Ila Pant. Being a Member of Parliament for about 26 years. Steel Ministry. Home Ministry and many more. Govind Ballabh Pant.

Atomic Energy and Science and Technology. The report also threw light on the fact that about 20 percent of the teachers teaching in different schools of the nation are not professionally qualified for teaching.

The released report has ranked the countries on the success that they achieved in issuing pictorial health warnings on tobacco packets. On 6 November The lead increased to votes on 13 November More broadly.

Behind the beautiful forever is a story of an ambitious woman who has set her sights on being slumlord in Annawadi. Gradually the lead widened and Bera won the seat to the House of Representatives. International Status Report released in the second week of November ranked India at rd Position in the list of countries surveyed on fulfillment of picture based health warnings and warning size issued on the Cigarette Packets. Bera had neck to neck competition with the opponent Lungren with just votes lead.

Pictorial Health Warnings is considered to be the proven strategy to discourage people from chewing or smoking tobacco. Indian-American has become the only 3rd of the community to win Congressional election. Savita the Indian dentist was suffering from miscarriage when she was 17 weeks pregnant and the Irish law at the University College Hospital Galway denied abortion to her.

Baruah was the first Mayor and architect of modern Guwahati and he ran the English daily newspaper. A total of 13 films from 12 Asian Countries were selected to compete for the award of this category. This led to septicemia blood poisoning. The National Book Foundation. The doctors denied the abortion with a claim that Ireland was a Catholic Country. The Assam Tribune. The film won the best film award in Asian Select category-the only competitive category in Kolkata International Film Festival.

Gopi Chand Narang revived Urdu language in India through his writings and he is one of the foremost theorist. His perceptive writings have helped Urdu criticism becoming more contemporary. The 87 year old is now survived by his wife a daughter and two sons. His father R. The group also publishes monthly literary journal Gariyoshi along with the Assamese daily Dainik Asam. This appointment was done by Vijay Kumar Malhotra. Two other members of the election commission panel would be are Justice V.

Kapur retd. With this appointment. Bali retd. The Indira Gandhi Prize is being awarded to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for serving as an example and inspiration to women in Africa and beyond and for ensuring the return of peace. Wowzapp was organised in over locations in the world. Quraishi resigned from his post on 17 November The applications approved will also be available on Windows Store apps.

In Wowzapp Wowzapp was organized for students who are interested in development of applications for mobiles. Participants made use of languages like JavaScript.

PCs as well as tablets in more than places in the world. Disarmament and Development for being an inspiration to women and ensuring return of peace and democracy in her country. He was a person who worked for promotion of Hindi Language. During the Indian freedom struggle.

She was shot in the head by Taliban. Ram Gopal Maheshwari took the responsibility to mobilize central India and started a Hindi daily newspaper named Nava Bharat in the year from Nagpur. Ramgopal Maheshwari Ramgopal Maheshwari was a freedom fighter and a social worker is also regarded as a doyen of Journalism in India.

The former India head coach of basketball team.

Maheshwari also played a major role in eradication of conservative customs of Maheshwari Samaj and took it onto the progressive ways. Johnson and Johnson. She is now being treated and on the road to recovery at a Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Eli Lilly and Novartis. These CEOs would check out on the doors of mayors from India and China to request them for help in expansion of cancer care. Flemming is excited for the head coach position. At the inaugural ceremony. Super-Jupiter orbits around the star known as Kappa Andromedae which is 2.

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Lieutenant General Gautam Banerjee. Sachin Tendulkar. Laxman were also felicitated at the award ceremony. The Lifetime Achievement Award given to Gavaskar carried a citation.

The book has tried to present the process of identification. The book is a compilation of well written contributory articles by military experts that includes Admiral Arun Prakash.

Kapil Dev and Dilip Vengsarkar. Virat Kohli and V. Air Marshal TS Randhawa and different technologists. This is the largest planet discovered in our solar system. The book illustrates the brilliance of cricket shown by Yuvraj Singh in his career as a cricketer and the way he recovered from Cancer. Lieutenant General Arun Chopra. The star is quite young. In the official order.

Amitav Ghosh has been chosen for River of Smoke. The volcano left behind the cloud of ashes that spread across three-kilometer in the Skies of the North Island. Tony Hall who is 61 years old. Hall is a former BBC employee. Tony Hall is replacing George Entwistle.

The volcano was used as the backdrop of many scenes and sequences of the film Lord of the Rings. The names of shortlisted candidates were announced on 21 November in London. Uday Prakash. The eruption took place about kilometers from Wellington and the reported time at which the volcano grumbled was recorded as 1: This is the reason for rising sea levels.

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The island is shown on the marine charts. Lula was conferred with the award for his contribution towards elimination of hunger.

Autar Kaw.

Sinha will be taking over the office from AP Singh. He has also brought inclusive growth in his country. Rafael Benitez who is the former Liverpool manager is going to replace Roberto Di Matteo who was sacked on 21 November Geologists from the University of Sydney became suspicious about its existence when navigation charts which are used by ships showed metres depth in the area while the scientific maps as well as Google Earth showed large island at that place.

Pranab Mukherjee. When the geologists sailed through the place. Rafael Benitez is 52 Years old and became Chelsea's ninth manager since Roman Abramovich was the first owner in He was awarded for advocating stronger ties among the developing economies as well as for the signal contribution for India-Brazil partnership.

He won the Presidential elections by securing In the history of Bangladesh. All this happened in presence of about people. The name would be publicly accepted on 26 November at Jantar Mantar. Barbosa is famous for his tough stand against political corruption. The Government of www. The fire which broke out due to unexplained reasons started at Tazreen Fashion near the Dhaka Export Processing Zone and soon engulfed the ground floor and first floor of the multi-storey building.

Ram Jethmalani recently. Barbosa became famous in Brazil after overseeing one of the country's biggest corruption trials involving key members of the former President Lula Da Silva's government.

He had also challenged the party to take action against him on the issue. New Delhi. He had sworn in as the President of Sierra Leone on the same day. The Party on the same day also adopted its Constitution that foresee establishment of Swaraj in the country. Brazil has the second largest non-White population in the world after Nigeria. His resignation would come into effect from 14 December Marc Grossman on 27 November announced his resignation after being at the helm of diplomatic affairs in the volatile region for two years from to In April Concerned authorities were directed for proper medical treatment to the injured.

The aim of the exercises is to enhance the close military cooperation between the two countries. India from 12 to 25 November The final selection for the award was done after a multi-stage evaluation. The bilateral annual exercises. The fourth joint military training exercise between India and Maldives held in Belgaum. Grossman was roped in after the sudden death of Richard Holbrooke in David D Pearce. Discuss the nature of the agreement and its impact on India-Sweden relation.

Enlist the other countries with whom India has signed the agreement. Critically discuss the salient features of new IT guidelines. Do you think the new constitution will bring stability to the nation? What is black hole?

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How do we classify any celestial body as black hole? What is WMO? What do you understand by Greenhouse gases? Mention the major facts revealed in the survey. Arvind Kumar Singh: Since it is the first step. Arvind kumar Singh in the interview with jagranjosh. Kindly tell us about the books and study material which you studied while preparing GS for Prelim exam? I prepared for all the sections of GS. For polity section I read M Lakshmikant. The changed pattern focuses on quality.

But one should make consistent effort even after clearing this stage. Arvind kumar Singh in this interview also said that jagranjosh. The hardworking students will have better chance for getting selected. The prelim exam is the easiest or the toughest stage in the whole examination process. Flag for inappropriate content.

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Pavithra Sivaraja. Harvinder Singh. Balasubramanian Gurunathan. Chandu S. Srikanth Yerramsetti. Sivaji Haldar. Besides, it covers the current affairs of April with ample background and provides a detailed analysis of all the national and international events.

The presentation of the current affairs is provided in very simple and easy-to-understand language. Current Affairs April eBook will be of immense help for the candidates preparing for forthcoming exams. To have an idea of the Current Affairs eBook of April , the candidates can check the preview of the paid eBook. The preview book contains limited important events of the month. To have complete idea of the important events download the paid Current Affairs April eBook.

After the win, Obama declared that the best is yet to come for America and he to take care of the greatest challenges faced by the country he also called for bipartisan support bipartisanship can be defined as a political situation, where the there exists a context of two political parties, where one of the opposing party finds common grounds by making compromises.

The Republican Party has lost four Presidential elections of the six Presidential contests and the two won by them was just with narrow margins. At the same time, President Obama, by being back has proved that in the period of austerity and crisis also, an incumbent can survive. He only lost from the seat of North Carolina. Issues Apart from the sluggishness in economic growth, witnessed by the America in past few years there were five main pointers on which debates were done and the Presidential Election was www.

One major challenge that lies behind the President, Barack Obama to deal with is to get rid of unemployment as; America registered an unemployment rate of 7. Opinions of both the leaders on all the five topics: Issues Barack Obama Mitt Romney Has already played a role on issues of health care while being a Governor of Massachusetts.

House of Representatives www. Ami Bera is third Indian-American ever to be elected to the U. House of Representatives. The 45 years old Bera took a lead of votes against Dan Lungren, the Republican rival from the seventh Congressional District of California. Except Dr.

Bera, five more Indian-Americans namely Dr. Syed Taj, Dr. Except Ricky Gill all the other four were from Democratic Party. Syed Taj, who was a representative from Democratic Party, is the younger brother of Syed Shahbuddin and he basically belongs from Bihar. He lost in the tough fight against his opponent K Bentivolio from the seat of Michigan's 11th Congressional District. She defeated the Republican rival K.

Crowley from the Hawaii seat in the one-sided contest. Tulsi doesnt belong to the Indian Heritage and is not an Indian. Obama is the first President after the wars to be re-elected in the office with an unemployment rate of 7. Obama in the last Presidential Elections of won votes, which was higher than the votes he secured in the Presidential Elections of He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice-President chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows: In USA the executive power is vested on the President, who holds the office for a term of four years with a vice-President, who is elected along with him for the same term.

The Process Every state appoints in such a manner that the legislature thereof may direct a number of electors that is equal to the whole number of representatives and senators to which the state if entitled in the congress. The Electors meet in their respective state and vote for two persons via ballot of which one person must not be an inhabitant of the same state. A list of all persons voted for must be made and the number of votes to every person by signing and certifying, the list is then sealed for transmission to the Seat of the Government of United States, which is directed to the Senates President.

The President of the Senate opens all the certificates and the votes are counted in presence of the Senates and the House of Representatives. The person, who receives maximum votes, is elected as a President only when, the derived numbers meets the majority mark of the whole number of the electors appointed. In case the results bring out more than one person with majority or an equal number of votes than the House of Representatives can choose by ballot, one of them as the President that to with immediate effect.

In case situation occurs, when none of the members have been successful in winning the majority than the House of Representatives can choose any one among the five with highest number of votes as the President.

But in this situation, Votes need to be taken by the states and the representation of the states with one vote. A Natural born Citizen of United States or a Citizen of the United States at time of Adoption of the Constitution can only eligible to the Presidents Office and the person must have attended the age of thirty-five years, with at least fourteen years of residence in United States.

The Next U. Obamas re-election and its effects Re-election of Barack Obama as the US President would surely effect the world economy by the decisions which would be taken by him to bring up employment opportunities and take America out of the economic sluggishness.

The most prevalent questions that may occur by the time, dust of celebrations sets down, is how Obama would deal with the fiscal cliff and the federal debt. Will the group of policies which includes the increase on tax to cut the massive spending by the Government, which can come into existence by January , in case both the parties, Democratic and Republicans fails to arrive to a conclusion of how to reduce the federal debt.Take Unlimited Current Affairs Quiz: See more.

Top Charts. They also try to find out the best ways to increase the recall value of every event and to help the candidates in answering the questions that is asked in the examination. Libyan Crisis: Explained Libya has been torn by violence and political instability since long-time ruler Muammar Gaddafi was toppled and killed by rebels in