Last year I tried to download the ' The Great Indian Novel' by Shashi Tharoor. It was (is) not available online for Free download and i searched. Tharoor masterfully recasts the two-thousand-year-old epic, The Mahabharata, in twentieth-century India. In this award-winning novel, Tharoor has masterfully. The Great Indian Novel is a satirical novel by Shashi Tharoor. It is a fictional work that takes the story of the Mahabharata, the epic of Hindu mythology, and.

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The Great Indian Novel

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Arjun ends up in Gokarnam where he meets Dwarakaveetile Krishnankutty Parthasarathi Menon known as "Krishna" , the local Kaurava Party secretary who has recently unseated the local political machine boss, Kamsa. When Arjun first sees Krishna, he is using a traditional dance form, Ottamthullal, as a medium for social satire. Arjun and Krishna become close friends and Arjun falls for Krishna's sister, Subhadra. Krishna advises Arjun to woo her through abduction.

In the dark, a confused Arjun mistakenly abducts Kameswari. A second attempt is more successful and the two are married. Arjun cables Draupadi, telling her that he is bringing home a new maid, making their eventual meeting rather uncomfortable. However, by the time Draupadi and Subhadra give birth to their sons, Prativindhya and Abhimanyu, they are as close as sisters.

The Kaurava Party is dealt a blow in state and local elections, although still holding a majority in the national Parliament. Yudhishtir suggests that new leadership is needed. Priya Duryodhani agrees to a national election.

Yudhishtir is named deputy prime minister, but is shut out of the Cabinet by Priya Duryodhani and Yudhishtir resigns. Ashwathaman, Drona' son and the leader of a socialist splinter party, is invited by Priya Duryodhani to join the Kaurava Party Working Committee.

Priya Duryodhani takes Ashwathaman's side in advocating the elimination of the privy purses of India's former princes. Yudhishtir resigns from the Working Committee. Priya Duroydhani and Ashwathaman then champion a bill to nationalise the banks. Mehrban Imandar, the president of India, dies. Priya Duryodhani backs Ekalavya as an independent candidate. The Working Committee expels Ekalavya from the Kaurava Party for opposing the party's official candidate.

Priya Duryodhani wins with the support of the Left. Jarasandha Khan, the military dictator ruling Karnistan, decides to call elections. Zaleel Shah Jhoota persuades Jarashanda Khan to declare the election results null and void and declare martial law in East Karnistan.

Priya Duryodhani enters the conflict on the side of the Gelabins and the Gelabi Desh War results in the creation of a new nation-state. The success against Karnistan boosts Priya Duryodhani's popularity, but her rule grows increasingly oppressive. Priya Duryodhani is convicted of electoral misconduct. Shakuni Shankar Dey, a Bengali lawyer and president of the Kaurava R Party, counsels her to declare a Siege and seize dictatorial powers.

President Ekalavya concedes to the seizure of emergency powers. Priya Duryodhani orders the arrest of her political opponents. Ved Vyas chooses Krishna to lead the opposition campaign. Priya Duryodhani thus gets Krishna's experienced Kaurava Party grassroots electoral machine.

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At a critical moment, Krishna persuades Arjun that he should criticise Priya Duryodhani's administration instead of remaining a disinterested reporter.

Bhim, Nakul, and Sahadev stay out of the campaign, refaining from endorsing either party. Drona and Ved Vyas consult with the parties of the People's Front coalition to choose the new prime minister. Their ultimately erroneous choice is Yudhishtir. Ashwathaman is appointed head of the party organisation.

The People's Front leadership gathers at the Taj Mahal for a ceremonial oath. The return of Krishna to local politics marks the beginning of the failure of the People's Front.

Yudhishtir proves to be "as stiff and straight-backed and humourless as his critics had always portrayed him, and his colossal self-righteousness was not helped by his completely inability to judge the impression he made on others. The "strongmen" of Yudhishtir's cabinet are locked in squabbles and Yudhishtir "remained tightly self-obsessed, seemingly unaware that half of those who sat on the executive branch with him were busily engaged in sawing it off.

As Zaleel Shah Jhoota is toppled in another Karnistani military coup, Priya Duryodhani runs rings around her prosecutors while being tried for subverting the constitution. Yudhishtir suffers another publicity blow when he attends a speech by a holy man who uses the word "Untouchables" instead of "Harijans. Yudhishtir dispatches Sahadev to tell Drona that Ashwathaman's plane has crashed. When asked Yudhishtir confirms that "Ashwathaman is dead" and Drona dies without throwing support to Yudhishtir's opponents in the People's Front.

When Ved Vyas confronts Yudhishtir regarding his lie about Ashwathaman, Yudhishtir says that early that day he had caught a cockroach, named it Ashwathaman, and killed it; thus, his statement to Drona was not a lie.

Ved Vyas refuses to accept Yudhishtir's explanation and abandons him.

In any case, Yudhishtir's deception is ultimately pointless. The government falls and Priya Duryodhani is victorious in the next election. Ved Vyas sees a vision in which the Pandavas, Draupadi, and Krishna hike up a mountain. One by one they are killed, except for Yudhishtir, who reaches the top. When Kalaam, the god of time, offers to bear Yudhishtir to the court of history, Yudhishtir refuses to leave his faithful dog behind.

The dog reveals himself to be Dharma, Yudhishtir's father, and the three board Kalaam's chariot together. In the court of history, Yudhishtir is stunned to find a place of honour given to Priya Duryodhani. Characters in "The Great Indian Novel" Figures from history and characters from the Mahabharata can be directly correlated to characters in the book or to more general allegorical references.

Giri in the presidential election in , though being the official Congress candidate, last elected as President in Acharya Kriplani , who along with Jayaprakash Narayan, was instrumental in getting Morarji Desai elected unanimously as Prime Minister candidate of the Janata party in Giri , writer, orator, politician, labour activist, freedom fighter; served in many offices, including as governor of several states, president of India and labour minister. He dies when he finally succumbs to the charms of his second wife on an aeroplane.

Pandu , brother of Dhritarashtra, who suffers from a curse that says he will die if he ever engages in sexual intercourse he eventually dies when he has sex with his second wife ; his two wives take advantage of a spell through which they bear the sons of the gods the five Pandavas Shubhash Chandra Bose , the independence leader who, in contrast with Gandhi, took up arms against the British and accepted help from the Axis powers in establishing the Indian National Army.

He was last seen boarding an aeroplane that disappeared in flight. Vidur Hastinapuri Vidur Dharmaputra , the wise, the son of Ved Vyas and Ambika's maidservant Vidura , son of Vyasa and a maid, who was sent by Ambika and Ambalika to avoid having to have intercourse with him again; prime minister to Dhritarashtra, Pandu, and Duryodhan; saved the Pandavas' lives on multiple occasions Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel , who forced the accession of the princely states and established the Indian Administrative Service Jayaprakash Drona Drona , the instructor in the arts of warfare to the Pandavas and Kauravas Jayaprakash Narayan , a former freedom fighter who opposed the rule of Indira Gandhi ; leader of the Janata Party, which defeated Congress in the elections Draupadi Mokrasi "Di Mokrasi" , illegitimate daughter of Dhritarashtra and Lady Drewpad, and wife to all five Pandavas Draupadi , wife to all five Pandavas Democracy.Gorur Govinda Raju.

The Chakars annexe a piece of Indian territory and the humiliation breaks Dhritarashtra's heart and he dies.

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In a densely populated mega city, blighted by social problems, unemployment and declining living standards, a young man desperately seeks advice from his imprisoned uncle, an ex politician and Professor of Biology and a man many still Read more. While playing cricket, the Pandavas meet the sage Jayaprakash Drona who tells the tale of his son, Ashwathaman, and his insult at the hands of Ronald Heaslop, which led him to his mission of educating young Indians to facilitate the overthrow of the British.

Get RS. During an epidemic, a Sarah Moore persuades her brother, the manager of a jute mill in Budge Budge, near Calcutta, to offer the mill workers a bonus.