Disruptive Innovation and Creating New Market Growth | 1. Capturing the Upside Clayton M. Christensen. Harvard The Innovator's Solution. Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth. THE INNOVATOR'S. SOLUTION. THE SUMMARY IN BRIEF. Roughly one company in every ten is able to sustain. This is The Innovator's Solution. The challenge of this research quickly outstripped my abilities; and I have relied upon some extraordinary people to help me.

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An innovation classic. From Steve Jobs to Jeff Bezos, Clay Christensen's work continues to underpin today's most innovative leaders and organizations. The Innovator's Solution. Clayton M Christensen & Michael E Raynor. Publishers: Harvard Business School Press, Introduction. Most companies believe. The Innovator's Dilemma gets more of the headlines, but the follow-up book by Clayton Christensen, The Innovator's Solution, is a far more.

The authors identify the forces that cause managers to make bad decisions as they package and shape new ideas--and offer new frameworks to help create the right conditions, at the right time, for a disruption to succeed. This is a must-read for all senior managers and business leaders responsible for innovation and growth, as well as members of their teams. Based on in-depth research and theories tested in hundreds of companies across many industries, "The Innovator's Solution" is a necessary addition to any innovation library--and an essential read for entrepreneurs and business builders worldwide.

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Raynor wrong way can be worse than no growth at all.

It all starts with dis- Who Are the Best ruption — if you learn the elements of disruption and practice its theories, no Customers For Our Products? Should you take care of key func- Is Your Organization tions in-house, or outsource them? Should you integrate your product offer- Capable of Disruptive ings or modularize?

Find out which is right for your business. Powerful executive lead- ership is essential in turning disruptive innovations into successful businesses. Disruptive Growth What should your executive leadership do to get the ball rolling toward suc- Starts at the Top cessful disruptions?

How can they help foster sustained business growth? Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited. Christensen and Michael E. Performance Managers have long sought ways to predict the out- resscome of competitive fights based around innovations, gical Prog f Technolobut it has, in recent years, become increasingly difficult Pace oto do so.

It is the circum- Performance That Customers That Customersstances of innovation that often determines whether Can Utilize or Absorb Can Utilizeincumbent industry leaders or upstart companies win a Disruptivecompetitive fight. Innovations Entrants are more likely to overtake entrenched lead- Timeers in disruptive circumstances — when the challenge isto commercialize a simpler, more convenient product through, leapfrog-over-competitors variety.

Disruptive innovations do not attempt to bring betterEstablished companies, conversely, can capture disrup- products to established customers in existing markets. In other words, established compa-Dilemma and are illustrated in the chart at right: This is represented by the dotted line.

The Innovator's Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth

Eventually, however, the newcustomers can fully use or absorb. The pace of tech-nological progress almost always outstrips the ability of continued on page 3 customers in any given tier of the market to use it, inpart because companies keep striving to make better The authors: Clayton M.

Christensen is the Robert andproducts that they can sell for higher profit margins to Jane Cizik Professor of Business Administration at Harvardtheir most demanding, high-end customers. This rate of Business School.

Michael E. Which of those identical twins is likely to get the creative ideas? He watched really carefully in terms of how his wife was very frustrated doing their finances.

Manually it was frustrating and irritating. She downloadd some software that was equally frustrating and irritating. Experimenting When Jeff Bezos, the founder of internet retailer site, was growing up, he used to spend time on his grandfather's farm in the summer.

When machinery broke down on the farm, his grandfather would try to fix it himself, with some help from Jeff. We sometimes forget that it took him seven, eight, nine years of experimentation to build the capacity to have warehouses full of books. I had a series of questions related to research about global leadership and I swear he asked me far more questions in that interview than I asked him because he was just simply curious about what was going on in the research.

The Innovator’s DNA

And for most of these innovative entrepreneurs, that's just how they think. But when it comes to creativity, it takes on a different meaning. Sometimes the conversations provide their own insights. They got access to the likes of Dell, asking him and others: "Tell us about what was going on when you got the initial idea that led to this innovative business called Dell computer or site in the case of Bezos.The answer is that there is a great opportunity for circumstance-focused researchers to build on the valuable groundwork that both sets of authors have established.

My children, Matthew, Ann, Michael, Spencer, and Katie, each have discussed, used, and bettered my understanding through their own work and schooling. It signals what the relevant parties were willing to pay and accept at a point in time. Summaries are available in print, audio and electronic formats. It is the circum- Performance That Customers That Customersstances of innovation that often determines whether Can Utilize or Absorb Can Utilizeincumbent industry leaders or upstart companies win a Disruptivecompetitive fight.

Consistency is key — processes are not as flexi- processes will facilitate what needs to be done andble as resources, and must be applied in a consistent whose values can prioritize those activities.

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This is the best they can do in early theory-building cycles. It begins by describing the phenomenon that we wish to understand. One problem with the "send the big decisions to the big people" theory is that most of the data is in the divisions.